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Biro-Yorkshire Terrier (Biro Yorkshire Terrier)- still a rare breed not only in Russia, but all over the world. The exoticism of this breed is its unique color: white background are chocolate stains, and on his head a white-chocolate suit noticeable Golden hue. The name of the breed comes from the first two names of breeders-creators of the breed: Birgit Resner (kennel From the Ligtthing Snowboy) and Roberto KRA (kennel Art of Highclass).

The first pup appeared on 1 December 2004. The first registered breed Biro IBC (international Biewer Club, Germany Mother was - Alisha vom WasserschlЖsschen. The father of the famous champion Uz von der Elsteraue.

Six weeks into the nursery From the lightning Showboy (kennel ceased to exist) was born, another girl Biro. Her mother was the Ailine von Alkotmany, daughter Alisha vom WasserschlЖsschen, and the father Uz von der Elsteraue.
Biro York inherited the main traits of their ancestors: Yorkies and Biewers.

Biro York intelligent, elegant and aristocratic Brits. Adore the company of people and get along well with other Pets.

They are cheerful, cheerful and inquisitive. Very calm and gentle, love children. Excellent companions and travellers.

They, in fact, very cute, these tiny shaggy dog. Голддаст-Yorkshire Terrier and Biro-Yorkshire Terrier will not only bright decoration for your home, but true friends with a wonderful character!

Standard of Biro Yorkshire Terrier

General appearance: a little dog with a long, luxurious robe, split back along the top line.

Head: small and flat, in no case rounded and not rough.

Muzzle: the long

Nose: the nose is brown

Eyes: small, dark, with intelligent expression

Ears: small, erect, v-shaped, richly covered with short hair (on the top of the head and chin hair is long)

Neck: c good yield, not massive. Housing: very compact, with a level topline

Tail: an undocked, highly placed, abundantly covered with hair

The fur on the chassis of medium length, straight, shining, silk texture


Head: chocolate-white-gold, symmetrically discolored

Housing: chocolate-white, without inclusions of gold, or totally chocolate ,but with a white frill

Chest, abdomen and legs - white

Height and weight

Height: up to 22 cm

Weight: 3.1 kg