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The first puppy of this breed appeared in 1984. In Germany, in a district, the more the German breeders Werner and Gertrude beaver.

The parents of the first Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a La POM PON were Yorkshire Terrier - world Junior champion, Darling von Friedheck and Junior world champion, Fru-Fru von Friedheck.

One day, during dinner, spouse of the German singer Margot Eskens presented to his wife on a platter as a gift, lovely Biewer puppy. This fact became historical for the breed, as well as the main name just then was added the phrase «aLa Pom Pon» which in French means «ball of yarn». Wool Biewers and in fact looks like a ball of yarn.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrie  well suited to home detention.

Outwardly they are very similar to other representatives of Yorkshire Terriers. This breed small dogs with beautiful hair that falls down on the sides to the ground.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier looks really like a ball of yarn, only his coat neatly divided parted along the entire torso and carefully расчесана throughout long.

Breed small dogs Biewer Terrier distinguish the special color. According to the standard approved by Werner Biver predominant color of the breed - white with black. So, on the head Biewer Terrier Pets only two variants of color. The first is a white, plus blue and gold, the second is a white plus black and gold. All colors should be symmetrically distributed. White color usually spreads to the chest and neck Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. Muzzle breed small dogs, as a rule, black, perhaps in contrast with the blue tan.