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Poodles red color were first obtained in America, where it is widely practiced mixed farming of colors. There is a point of view that such a color poodles could appear due to the introductory crossing with English коккерами or Irish setters. But there is the possible emergence mutations that led to the emergence of this form of pheomelanin.

The first red dog brought to Russia were heterozygous on apricot color. Their coupling to apricot dogs necessarily lead to the splitting of the red colour on and apricot. Later knitted heterozygous red poodles with each other, as expected, led to the emergence of homozygous for this show dogs. Began to appear and dogs well kept, and the color with age. And it was at this time FCI struck the final blow to the red color. actually banning it.

For poodles red color characteristic continuous distribution of pigments in the hair caused by the presence of A allele-. At the same time, many apricot dogs have zonary distribution of pigments, which causes some irregularity and lightening the color. Interbreeding red poodles with apricot led to the increase of the frequency of the allele in the population and contributed to the fact that apricot color became more vivid. Combination of red pigment with zonarny distribution of pigments leads to the formation of color. that is called ed-apricot ( red-apricot).

When breeding poodles red-apricot gamma need to be less confused to save these two varieties as clean as possible. Such breeding leads to the appearance in litters of homozygous dogs and red dog, without age
plumage color. The existing situation, when all red dogs considered apricot can lead to its complete loss. Fortunately enthusiasts of this color there are hope that he ever again will exist as an independent still preserved.